There's no better way to welcome back your coworkers from the holidays, vacation, or that long sales trip than with an office prank. There is no need for pranks to be relegated to April Fool's Day; any day of the year is good for a small joke. A prescription for safe office pranks if often perfect for some fun lighthearted fun and/or well deserved payback.

In this day and age, Technology and the Internet rule, and most people spend their time online browsing, emailing or shopping. Why not try and play a joke on your friends where they spend most of their time…their computers and offices.

Remember, any prank you can easily play on someone could just as easily be used against you as well.

The Never Ending Fax


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The never ending fax has been around for a while but isn't something people expect.  For the never ending fax to work, you need to make sure that the victims fax is a paper fax, not a fax number that gets forwarded to their email.

  1. Write a funny message or get a funny picture of the victim and print it out. Make 3-4 copies of the print out and tape the pieces of paper together so they form a long sheet of paper.
  2. On your fax machine, initiate a fax to your victim and as the beginning of your fax is read by the machine, securely tape it to the tail of the paper, forming an endless loop (like a belt).
  3. Your fax machine will endlessly scroll through the loop of paper, sending the same information over and over again to your victim.

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